Creating and adding value to your property projects

They say there’s nothing more fragile than a new idea.  At Veros we work with you to shape and realise your property ideas and aspirations, and make them real. Our broad experience internationally and across New Zealand’s main centres speaks for itself.

Based in Tauranga, Hamilton and Rotorua, we undertake projects across the North Island of New Zealand.

Our approach encompasses understanding our client requirements, site selection and procurement, the preparation of concept plans and design specifications followed by project management of the development from construction to handover.

We have a track record for shaping ideas into successful projects. Our clients depend on our abilities, years of experience and robust processes to facilitate and deliver large and complex projects. Our technical knowledge, local connections and broad market experience allow us to deliver specialised services across the entire property life cycle. We have built a reputation of excellence, professionalism and integrity, and have built the trust we have with our clients through proven results over many years.

We understand the whole process from conception to completion

And because we do, we identify clear pathways to the end goal faster, more efficiently and more effectively.  Through better knowledge, experience and systems we’ll guide your project to save you time and money in the development process and position your property to maximise your investment value.

veros team

The name Veros is derived from the Latin word verus which means true or real. At Veros, our DNA is built on making projects real. We do this through exploring ideas and innovating, but always being commercially grounded and being able to deliver results. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to shape their ideas and objectives into real projects, and seeing them through to be real places, real workplaces, and real communities.