Community & sustainability are at the heart of what we do

At Veros we are committed to creating sustainable environments and giving back to our local community. This is as a business and for our team at Veros, but also where we can influence our Clients, Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors with whom we work.

With new developments, we place sustainability at the core of our decision making. We consider opportunities to incorporate viable sustainable features into our developments – including playgrounds, shared footpaths, rehabilitated environments, locally sourced tree species and plants, above ground stormwater, passive cross-ventilation, passive solar orientation, water-saving devices, and other sustainable design approaches, building materials, and business practices.

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We are committed to giving back to the communities that we work with. We do this by supporting the community in growing, coming together, and achieving community-led aspirations and goals. In particular, we help those in the community that are less privileged, and under-resourced community organisations with shared goals and visions to ours.

veros and the community

We have been a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council since 2019 and have two qualified Green Star Practitioners amongst our ranks. Read more about Greenstar at Veros here. 


“My Development” – a mentoring programme by Veros

Great communities are built by great people working together. To strengthen our community, we need to support, grow and connect our people and our future leaders.

Since 2018, the “My Development” programme has been an important part of the Veros workplace.  Conceptualised and brought to life by Director Peter Williams, the programme has successfully connected Veros staff and other professionals with experienced businesspeople and well-known personalities from the community.

“Our culture is something that simply cannot be replicated and that comes down to the people within our business, and we are determined to ensure we have good people who are motivated to grow and adapt in all areas of their lives,” says Peter.

The main objective of My Development is to connect and grow our future business leaders, so we can achieve great things together and make an impact that matters. My Development enables a confidential and transparent discussion from work and family balance to tough negotiation strategy, and anything in between.  The programme recognises that our community leaders have had similar challenges to realise their potential but have found their own winning strategy.  Each mentors’ story and advice will be unique and those in the programme have benefitted enormously from their experience and will continue to do so.

Feedback from both participants and mentors has been overwhelmingly positive, with the exchange of useful advice and connections made and business relationships continue beyond the time frame of the programme. So, if you think grabbing a coffee and talking openly about growth, opportunity, and strategy with a respected local businessperson from our community would be beneficial to you, then get in touch with Peter Williams to get started.

“My Development” or 027 4970 123