Community and sustainability are at the heart of what we do

At Veros Property Services we are committed to creating sustainable environments and giving back to our local community. This is as a business and for our team at Veros, but also where we can influence our Clients, Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors with whom we work.

With new developments, we place sustainability at the core of our decision making. We consider opportunities to incorporate viable sustainable features into our developments – including playgrounds, shared footpaths, rehabilitated environments, locally sourced tree species and plants, above ground stormwater, passive cross-ventilation, passive solar orientation, water-saving devices, and other sustainable design approaches, building materials, and business practices.

We are committed to giving back to the communities that we work with. We do this by supporting the community in growing, coming together, and achieving community-led aspirations and goals. In particular, we help those in the community that are less privileged, and under-resourced community organisations with shared goals and visions to ours.

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