Kelly Parker Asset & Commercial Property Manager

Kelly Parker is the Veros lead for Asset Management and comes with a genuine enthusiasm to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to ensure a stress-free and proactive approach to managing your assets. With a focus on effective and timely communication Kelly will manage any issues that arise.

Kelly has a background in both residential and commercial and industrial real estate, which means she has a diverse set of skills that enables her to effectively manage any asset in your portfolio. Property owners will benefit from his personalised and results-driven approach to managing your prized assets.

Kelly understands the value of equipping our clients with confidence that their most valued assets are exceptionally well looked after at Veros. She knows that asset management is so much more than simply ensuring rent is paid and compliance is achieved. Kelly is always looking for opportunities to grow outcomes, has a keen interest in the political landscape and uses this to focus on maximising performance of your property.

Kelly’s areas of expertise:


Kelly Parker Veros