Industry Leader Anita Brown Joins As Commercial Asset Manager

We are delighted to have Anita Brown join our team. Anita is a Commercial Asset Manager and comes on board to lead the Asset Management team at Veros. With a background that stretches across commercial property both in New Zealand and Australia, Anita brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

Veros is a leading provider of services in urban growth, property, and project delivery. Our Asset Management team started a number of years ago when our clients asked us to look after the commercial projects we had delivered for them. They asked us to maintain those relationships with tenants that we had formed through the development process. To continue to ensure the developments were well looked after. To ensure the tenants were provided with the quality spaces that were promised to them when they committed to the premises. To protect value in the assets to ensure they are high-performing, well-positioned, and generating superior returns over time.

We do it differently. We strive for excellence. We search and find value. We over-communicate. We are your arms and legs. We make the complex simple. We are independent and act for you. And over time we have learnt time and time again that to be successful in property, is not just about bricks and mortar…..but about people.

Check out Anita’s intro below:

“I spent most of my youth here in Tauranga and had a short stint in Auckland twice before relocating with my family to Australia in 2006 for 13 years. Australia provided opportunities to work directly on ASX listed companies and state Government wholly-owned companies which provided me with a diverse and exciting plethora of challenges.

I was heavily involved in working with State and Federal agencies for the high security focuses G20. I was AM for Brisbane’s CBD assets with over 34m people through the asset every year and asset values of over $1.9b while GM. More recently I have spent the last two years gaining invaluable knowledge with local government navigating legislation and policies for working for Tauranga City Council.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have had to date and am looking forward to exploring new opportunities at home in NZ.  Veros is going through an incredible growth phase and has a remarkable talent pool, the opportunity to work in Tauranga with Veros was just too good to pass up. My vision for this role aligns with my passion for leadership and stewardship. We will work with the wider teams to heighten and cement Veros Asset Management at the level top of its class through existing and new relationships.”

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