Your Guide to Engineer to the Contract

What’s Happening In The Industry At The Moment?

Over recent times, the industry has moved towards establishing the Engineer to the Contract (ETTC) as an independent party from the project manager and the design team. This move has been enhanced by the selection of person, who acts as ETTC, to be highly experienced not only in respect of understanding contracts and therefore effectively administering contracts but also in respect of the breadth of their industry knowledge.

The introduction of an independent and experienced ETTC, either at the commencement of the project or later after issues have developed, has shown that projects can be successfully delivered and the ability to introduce collaborative working procedures between the respective parties to the contract. The independence of the role and the industry experience allows for early warning for both parties to the construction contract. This will facilitate prompt decision making and alleviate problems growing and diminishing effective collaboration and serious impact on the delivery of your project.

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What Is ETTC?

A skilled ETTC is an effective early warning system where projects are either complex in their design and construction, and/or involve multiple stakeholders, and/ or involve critical milestones. Whilst advantageous, it is not always necessary to appoint an ETTC at the commencement of a project. If you encounter situations where your project is not progressing as smoothly as envisaged, the appointment of an effective ETTC will assist in managing your risk and provide direction to all parties on achieving effective completion of the project.

Why Is This Important?

It is important to seek the advice of an independent ETTC at the onset to establish the most appropriate procurement and delivery model for your project.
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What If There’s A Dispute?

Not every dispute is one-sided and dispute resolution can assist in re-establishing collaboration between the respective parties leading to scope, time and cost being effectively defined for both parties.

Without effective dispute resolution, matters are allowed to grow and effectively disputes move to more expensive and time laden methods of resolution.

How Can The Team At Veros Help?

At Veros we have staff who can demonstrate a detailed knowledge of:

  • NZS3910, 3915, 3916 and 3917
  • PPP/ PFI
  • Alliance
  • ECI, GMP, D & B
  • Bespoke contracts to suit the procurement and delivery of key individual projects
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Over the years, our staff have been appointed to manage projects that developed issues in their delivery to effectively manage risk and deliver these projects to a satisfactory conclusion on projects from $12M to over $100M. These clients include:

  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Ministry of Education
  • Dept of Corrections
  • Waitakere City Council
  • Waitemata District Health Board
  • BoP District Health Board
  • Tier 1 and 2 construction companies

At Veros we have trained AMINZ mediators who can provide an effective and timely review of the dispute(s) and work with both parties to establish a clear and an efficient path to completion.

Our staff have worked across both the consultancy and the construction sectors and have an established understanding of the key focus in terms of the delivery of projects. In this role, we will also ensure that the projects are managed effectively, while acting as senior professional advisor for issues relating to contract management and the implementation of physical works.

For further advice and a discussion, please contact Steve Home or visit our service page.

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