11 November 2020, Veros

Green Star Certified!

We have been a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council since 2019 and are now proud to share we have two qualified Green Star Practitioners amongst our ranks.

Morgan Jones, Managing Director, and Stephen Cornwall, Development Manager, both recently completed their Green Star Advanced: Communities training through Green Build Council Australia. Further to this, Stephen has also become a Green Star Accredited Professional – Communities and can now assist with master-planned developments that want to explore a Green Star Communities rating.

What is Green Star?

Green Star is an internationally-recognised rating system for the design, construction and operation of buildings, fit-out and communities. Green Star – Communities assesses the planning, design and construction of large-scale development projects including precincts, neighbourhoods and entire communities. It enables all stakeholders of the project to assess and promote the development of sustainable communities against best practice sustainability benchmarks.

Government and Green Star

There have been rumblings of sustainable change within the commercial building industry for the past decade however often the certification cost to achieve these ratings outweigh the rating value. The New Zealand Government have made a strong move within this space by recently committing to making government office buildings energy efficient. It will be compulsory from the 1 January 2021, for all agencies that occupy single-tenant, co-tenant, or co-tenanted government office accommodation to target rating above 5-star rating for existing buildings and new buildings need to achieve a minimum of 5-star rating against the relevant NABERSNZ criteria.

The not-for-profit New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) are passionate advocates for better buildings and run the certification process of the Green Star, Homestar and NABERSNZ rating tools in NZ.

The government’s stance on requiring energy-efficient buildings is an acknowledgement of the benefits of the rating certification that includes:

  • reduced operating costs
  • increased value
  • increased rental income
  • and reduced vacancy rates.

NABERSNZ is based on National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS) which is mandatory for commercial offices of 1,000m2 or more that are offered for sale or lease in Australia. We expect NABERSNZ ratings to become mandatory as it is in Australia in the coming years.

Green Star at Veros

Our team have been deep diving into the various rating tools available to understand the value add to our projects. The benefits include:

  • More efficient use of resources including energy and water that reduce operating costs
  • Healthier indoor environments to work in by incorporating such elements as natural light and efficient cooling systems
  • Higher occupancy rates and better returns of industrial green star rated buildings
Green Star Veros

Existing Veros Projects the team have been comparing with rating systems


“The key takeaway from our investigation is that we are already incorporating many elements in our projects that will tick enough or almost enough boxes to qualify for a certain green star rating,” says Stephen. “Therefore, the cost of certification becomes a compliance constraint which is then offset against overall development costs.”

The green star and NABERSNZ ratings are a great tool for those who want to differentiate their business and adapt to changing sustainable market trends. We are excited to bring this knowledge and insight into our projects and bridge the gap between better-built outcomes and the viability of certification.

Talk to us today about reviewing your building or advice on how your project can achieve a green star rating.


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