6 March 2020, Veros

Kelly Parker joins Veros as Commercial Asset Manager

We are delighted to have Kelly Parker join our team at Veros. Kelly is a Commercial Asset Manager and comes on board to lead the Asset Management team at Veros. With a background to stretches across commercial and residential real estate, as well as asset management, Kelly brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

Kelly Parker - Veros

Kelly Parker, Commercial Asset Manager, joins Veros Property Services

Veros is a leading provider of services in urban growth, property and project delivery. Our Asset Management team started a number of years ago, when our clients asked us to look after the commercial projects we had delivered for them. They asked us to maintain those relationships with tenants that we had formed through the development process. To continue to ensure the developments were well looked after. To ensure the tenants were provided with the quality spaces that were promised to them when they committed to the premises. To protect value in the assets to ensure they are high-performing, well positioned and generating superior returns over time.

And as time now tells, that was a challenge we accepted and we are pleased to have carved out a growing reputation in the industry and the leading manager of privately owned commercial and industrial properties.

We do it differently. We strive for excellence. We search and find value. We over communicate. We are your arms and legs. We make the complex simple. We are independent and act for you. And over time we have learnt time and time again that to be successful in property, is not just about bricks and mortar…..but about people.

We took the time to sit down with Kelly for some quickfire property questions.

What’s your role at Veros? Kelly: My role is Commercial Asset Manager.

Where are you from? Kelly: I was born in Auckland, but grew up in Hamilton from an early age and call Hamilton home.

What is the best part of your job? Kelly: I have always loved building strong relationships with longevity based on genuine desire to collaborate and achieve great results. I really take pride in delivering great outcomes for our clients and asset owners.

What makes Veros Asset Management stand out from other asset and property management companies? Kelly: Veros is a team of professionals, with a huge amount of industry leading experience in property. We work across the full lifecycle of property, so we aren’t just facility managers and we aren’t agents looking solely for transactions. We know property, we know development, we know how to create and add value, and we are shamelessly commercial and representing our clients and their money as if it were our own. Everyone at Veros really enjoys being here, is genuinely passionate about property and people.

What’s the best experience of your career? Kelly: Winning the Most Promising Salesperson (known as the “Rookie of the Year Award”) at Lodge Real Estate. Being my first full year in real estate it was a rewarding recognition of hard work and getting some great results.

How do you start the day? Kelly: A walk around Lake Rotoroa with my husband Pete.

What are you famous for? Kelly: For certain things I have an encyclopedic memory – for instance I can recall my entire primary school class names from a long, long time ago.

What does a typical day look like? Kelly: I start by planning my day, my week, my month, my year to ensure I am across everything and am in front of everything. A deal with the day to day management of the assets in our portfolio, leaving enough time to ensure I have space to think about opportunities, strategy and the bigger picture. I believe that every property we manage, we can get better performance out of it.

Welcome aboard Kelly.

Contact Kelly on:

Kelly Parker
Commercial Asset Manager
021 662 234

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