2 November 2021, Veros

Meet Josh, our new Project Manager in the Waikato

Earlier this year we welcomed Josh Fransen, Project Manager aboard our Veros team.

At 6’6”, Josh’s arrival hasn’t gone unnoticed. Born and bred in the Waikato, he brings 15 years experience in project management and civils contracting in the UK and in the Waikato. His most recent role as GM of Waipa Civil had Josh managing a team of over 80 people working across a range of earthworks, civil, land development projects mostly in the Waikato.

 Here’s 10 quick questions with Josh.

1. What’s your career highlight so far?

Prior to joining the Veros team, I spent 6 years working with a local civil contracting firm. I worked with the company directors to grow a successful construction firm from 10 to over 80 staff and all the inevitable challenges that come with that. I was a Senior Project Manager and General Manager for the last 3 years so my professional attributes as well as my people management and leadership skills grew and were refined. It was an amazing journey to be a part of and one that I will always look back on fondly.

2. What’s your why?

My family – present situation and future dreams. My wife and I have embraced the adventure of being parents to 4 young kids and are trying to make the most of our time together as a family, which, in the context of the whole of our lives, is fleeting.  Project Management is part of who I am and if I’m not managing projects at work, I’m always entertaining and undertaking ideas for projects with my architect wife – whether it be home renovations, projects for friends, or voluntary work.

3. Tell us about the best project you are working on at the moment.

I am really enjoying working through the challenges of co-ordinating detailed design for a civils and educational build package Veros is helping to deliver in the South Waikato. We are working to deliver a new generation educational complex to Tokoroa which will provide a modern learning space for trades training in the district. The South Waikato has some of New Zealand’s largest employers in Fonterra’s Lichfield plant and Carter Holts Kinleith Mill and a high demand for skilled technical trades. Bringing all parties to the table to deliver results that work for everyone involved from client to contractor to the end user really cements why I enjoy the construction journey of delivering projects and seeing results.

4. What are you doing in 5 years’ time?

Work – really challenging myself by managing bigger and more complex construction projects across the country whilst also growing into the development management side of the Veros business and learning how to get projects started from the get go.

Whānau – enjoying having slightly older kids and sharing adventures with them, mountain biking with my growing sons, watching my girls compete at gymnastic competitions, skiing in the winter and enjoying holidays to the sunny West Indies to visit my wife’s family.

5. Why did you join Veros?

After 15 years of civil contracting and in project management in NZ and the UK, I was after a new and different challenge whilst still being involved in the industry that I love. It is a great opportunity for me to expand my skillset and knowledge as well as get involved in some of the land development projects Veros works so hard to deliver for it’s clients. I was privileged enough to meet a number of the Veros team members prior to making the final call and it really sealed the deal for me. The variety of skill, talent and personalities that Veros has across the board in both the Project Management and Development Management teams is exciting and its great to say I am a part of that.

6. Where is home?

I grew up on a Waikato dairy farm as the third eldest of seven brothers (no sisters). To say that this led to many adventures as a young boy would be an understatement. A generation on, it’s great to be bringing my family up in the Waikato with all of the benefits that brings.

7. Tell us a insightful story about yourself. 

In my early twenties, as part of my OE, I found myself doing voluntary work in an orphanage in Russia. I braved what is sometimes known as a ‘polar bear swim’. There was a hole cut into the frozen ocean through the foot thick ice and I plunged all 6’6” of me into the frigid water below. It was a brief but “refreshing” experience!

8. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Dream big.

9. What are you finding the most challenging aspects of dealing with COVID-19?

Adaptability to different working environments, get the job done no matter what life throws at you. Learning to manage construction sites that are continuing on whilst your working from home requires constantly evolving communication methods and ways of dealing with contractors and clients. Let’s just say I am far more flexible professionally than I am physically.

10. What’s you favourite restaurant in the Waikato and why?

Alpino in Cambridge. Besides meeting the obvious criteria of good food and wine, it’s my wife’s favourite restaurant. Happy wife, happy life! Not to mention some of the great work functions that we had there over the past 6 years.

You can find Josh and the Veros Waikato team at our new office at 25 Ward Street, Hamilton CBD.

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