16 July 2021, Veros

New Rotorua Office at Haupapa House

new Rotorua Office Veros

We are really pleased to have recently moved int our new Rotorua office in a new business hub of Haupapa House.

The space has been given the name Te Takapū O Te Arawa – translating to “ the busy place of Rotorua”.

Haupapa House is a building that we helped transformed for Pukeroa from an old RSA in poor shape, and earthquake-prone building into a fantastic new A-Grade office space in central Rotorua (more info here).

new Rotorua Office Veros

We’re pleased to be sharing the building with Holland Beckett Law, Te Arawa E, Rotorua Trust, Maori Multimedia Ltd, Te Tautau o Te Arawa, CMW Geosciences, Poutama, and Te Komoiti Nui o Ngati Whakaue.

If you’re in the neighbourhood pop by and say hi to our team.


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