12 October 2020, Veros

Industrial units in Tauriko all sold!

industrial units tauriko veros

Gareth Strawbridge and Tomas Vienazindis, from our Development and Project Management teams are assisting TYBI to develop and deliver 14 industrial units in the heart of a well-established industrial area of Tauriko.

industrial units tauriko veros

Our team advised on the early project feasibility and land acquisition for the development. We looked at a number of development options for the site. Light industrial units made commercial sense in this well-established area.

Before construction has begun, Phil Hunt from Ray White Tauranga has sold all 14 units, with a mix of owner-occupiers and investors.

Marra Construction have been appointed as a Design & Build main contractor to construct the development, and the project is due for completion in May 2021.

industrial units tauriko veros

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