18 March 2021, Veros

New tenants set to prosper at Rototuna Village

Rototuna Village

The latest stage of Rototuna Village Centre is completed and 100% fully leased with a wonderful mix of new and local businesses in Hamilton’s north. It has been great being part of supporting local businesses to grow and prosper in this new village centre.

texas bbq

Photos from Texas BBQ Pete Facebook


Sure to impress are low and slow connoisseurs, Jared and Adrian of Texas BBQ Pete’s. A local Hamilton business with a cult following, these guys are already pulling visitors from Auckland, the Bay of Plenty and beyond for their famous menu. If you’re up for some mouth-watering low and slow burgers, meat trays, ribs, NZ craft beer and more – get along yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

“In this new space, our customers’ experience of the location and space is now as amazing as the food we serve. The design of the space has enabled us to fit some familiar fixtures and features making our regulars feel right at home as well as accommodate more facilities meaning we have expanded our menu too. We’ve extended our opening hours/days. Relocating here has been an excellent move for us all around.” – Texas Pete’s BBQ, owner and operator Jared Macdonald


Texas Pete BBQ

Photos from Texas BBQ Pete Facebook


Rototuna Village is a thriving new town centre, a proven example of new generation neighbourhood centre design in provincial New Zealand. The vision of long term landowners, Kirkdale Investments, Rototuna Village is the result of a decade of deliberate planning, investment and best practice development to create a thriving village centre and urban environment on the northside of Hamilton. The latest retail and commercial-stage, comprising 2,296m2 of mixed retail, hospitality and commercial space is a prominent gateway to the village and an anchor building to set the tone for quality, identity and design for the remainder of the town centre. Rototuna Village is a comprehensively master-planned development, bringing together a symbiotic mix of local businesses and tenants, and in the true sense of the words, is a place where the people of Rototuna live, work and play.



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