7 July 2021, Veros

Next Generation Property Industry Leader Steps Up in the Waikato

We begin the month of July with a bang, announcing the appointment of a new shareholding partner, Scott Bicknell, joining the leadership team at Veros.

“We’re delighted to announce this appointment that recognises the leadership of Scott within our team,” says Managing Director, Morgan Jones.  “Scott has a real passion for bringing about positive change in communities not only in the Waikato but throughout New Zealand.”

Property Industry Leader

Scott joined Veros in 2019 and has since become not only an integral member of our Waikato team but also, part of a new generation of property industry leaders in the Waikato.

Veros work across the urban growth and development spectrum including property and strategic advisory, development management and project management. Scott has a passion for delivering excellent results for clients and is comfortable leading large and complex projects throughout New Zealand – you could say Scott has the knack for making projects real. Projects that Scott is currently leading include residential developments Longview, Hāwera (South Taranaki) and Maea Fields (Matamata).

Scott has also recently been appointed to the newly formed Central Region Committee formed by the Property Council of New Zealand.

About this appointment, Scott said: “What a place to represent. More than ever the North Island from the Bombay’s to the north of Wellington is a great place to live and work. We have New Zealand’s best balance of lifestyle, environment, economy, affordability, and community and a bright future. We are attracting talent from major centres in NZ and from around the world to work, live and set themselves up here. But we have our fair share of challenges particularly around growth, infrastructure and housing that require a strong voice and collective effort to resolve.”

Read more about the Central Committee here

Stepping into a volunteer role to represent and advocate for the property industry in New Zealand’s Central Region highlights how Scott is not only a leader at Veros but a leader in his community too.

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