29 April 2021, Veros

Papamoa Commercial Centre Underway

Construction of Felton Retail Centre is underway in Pāpāmoa at Sandhurst Drive and is expected to be completed before the summer break this year. The first businesses can’t wait to get their doors open for the Christmas holiday period.

This development will be a central hub to the area, connecting and servicing the local community. Once complete, the centre will be home to 10 businesses and depending on the tenants that filled the remaining spaces, there would be close to 50 people working at the retail centre each day.

Demand has been amazing but we have been very mindful of getting the mix of businesses right. The landowners intend to build a quality project and hold it for the long term so we have been careful in finding the right businesses that fit with the vision and backing them to be successful and enduring. The building is 50% committed with ongoing discussions with parties and interest in the balance. We are confident of having it fully tenanted over the coming months although there is still a window of opportunity for businesses to get in touch.

We have been working closely with the team at Colliers to ensure we get the right tenant mix that will fit the feel of the development, making it sustainable for the future, and ensuring tenants have the same passion and drive for their business that our clients have for their centre.

New Shoots Childcare Centre, which was part of the initial stage of the development, have been on the journey with us from the beginning and are looking forward to having other businesses alongside them. Having the mix of retail/food/lifestyle services next door will be handy for staff and parents. The kids are excited to see the diggers working on-site. in conjunction with our main contractor, Form, we have created low Perspex windows in the construction fence so the kids can check in on progress and experience the journey with us as valued members of this community.

Felton Retail

Project team on-site, Dave Ebbett, Craig McCormick & Graham Edward (left to right) | Photo Credit: Zoe Hunter BOP Times.


This land has been in family ownership for a significant period of time and it was important for the family to maintain a long-term connection with the land and community. We have heard from many residents in the community that Bayfair and Papamoa Shopping Centres are starting to become too busy and difficult for convenience shopping and just popping in. So the family saw an opportunity to provide a great range of local convenience shops, food and experiences, that are easy to get to and pop in and out. Given this, there was been a drive for quality, identity and uniqueness in the centre with no shortcuts have been taken with the design, materials, and finishing.

Now that the Tauranga Eastern Link and Gloucester Road connections are complete, this location provides excellent access to the Mount and Papamoa community. There is a large local community that can walk or bike without the need to leave this local area for daily shopping needs. We are hoping the development will be a real central hub to the area, connecting and servicing the local community.

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