13 July 2021, Veros

Project Manager Haley Farmer Joins Rotorua Office

Haley Farmer Veros Project Manager

Haley Farmer has joined the team in our Rotorua office this week! Joining us in the role of Project Manager, Haley has a track record of successful project and programme management in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We are really excited to have Haley with us and caught up for a round of quickfire questions to learn more about her.

Tell us about your background in the property industry? 

I entered the property industry from a land-based approach, having studied Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University. In my first role, I worked on property projects New Zealand wide for a property developer with a passion for open space and high-end developments. I have experience delivering projects for local government, multinationals, and the private sector, from concept to reality. In each of my previous roles, I have built upon my skillset and added another lens to the way I view the property industry.

What’s your favourite project you have worked on? Why?

That’s always a tricky question, as there is such a variety to choose from. I’ve been involved in a range of projects from large-scale property developments and capital projects across New Zealand to global HR programmes in London and finance programmes for local government. My favourite projects are those that deliver fit for purpose solutions for both our clients and the end-user. I also have a passion for technically challenging projects, that require collaboration from multi-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts. If forced to give an answer, I’d have to go with the time I spent working on a new ski field development. As you can imagine, getting out on site was a little chillier and more invigorating than usual.

Haley Farmer Veros Project Manager

Haley’s already got out on-site with the rest of the Project Management team


What does your standard day look like?

There’s no such thing as a standard day as a Project Manager, but they all start the same way, with a quality flat white. My days usually consist of a mixture of collaborative meetings, site visits and time in the office. It’s always a great day as a Project Manager when you’re pushing the needle forward on projects. When it gets to the end of the week, I find it important to reflect on the week that has been, the achievements and progress made for our clients, it ensures I am ready to go and on track for the next week.

 Why Veros?

Why not? Veros has a track record for success and a valued reputation based on years of experience and robust delivery. With that comes an opportunity to build on and contribute to the ongoing growth of the Veros brand. I jumped at the chance to get involved with industry-leading experts and there’s no shortage of exciting projects in the pipeline. 

Outside of work, what’s something you are passionate about?

It’s a cliché but it’s true, I love exploring our beautiful country with friends and family. After returning home from overseas, my appreciation for our backyard is heightened. When I’m not in the office you’ll catch me up the ski field, on my mountain bike, at the beach or sipping on a cold beverage at a local spot somewhere in between.

Welcome aboard Haley!

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