6 Clow Place6 Clow Place, Melville, Hamilton

Project Details

  • Project Name: 6 Clow Place
  • Client: O’Sullivan Family Trust
  • Location: 6 Clow Place, Melville, Hamilton
  • Type: Industrial
  • Key Tenants: NZ Racing Board
  • Key Veros Team Members: Kelly Parker
  • Services Provided: Asset Management
    Strategic Planning


6 Clow Place is the latest addition to the Asset Management Portfolio at Veros Property. The premises are occupied by the New Zealand Racing Board, as the Waikato and Bay of Plenty branch of their nationwide operation. As well as serving an administration function for the region, the premises holds a small TV studio. The Trackside horse racing and sports broadcast network also operates at the premises.

The first step for Veros was to assess the building and evaluate any improvement works required. In our short time with the client, our Asset Manager, Kelly Parker has already identified the settled driveway which is negatively impacting the vehicles when entering and exiting the building. The repair of the driveway is an example of how we pick up on opportunities for creating and adding value to properties we manage whilst ensuring they are operating to their full potential.

In the service we provide at Veros, we give the client peace of mind that their building is maintained, and the tenants are managed appropriately. As a result, we have both a happy client and tenant as well as the premises of 6 Clow Place functioning as it should.