BP Site Identification & Tenancy ManagementBruce Road, Papamoa

Project Details

  • Project Name: BP Site Identification & Tenancy Management
  • Client: BP Oil
  • Location: Bruce Road, Papamoa
  • Building Size: 1.5ha of land
  • Services Provided: Property Advisory
    Development Management


BP OIL Ltd engaged Veros to undertake a site identification for strategic sites in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.  During this process, Veros identified a suitable site at BP Bruce Road. BP extended the engagement to act as Property Advisors & Development Managers to manage the acquisition of the site.


Veros undertook a strategic land review of the land. Producing recommendations to BP to purchase the land, weighing up the site benefits against, site constraints, financial feasibilities and development risks. The site has a challenging consent pathway due to the rural zoning of the land and close proximity to residential neighbours. The site also comprised of complex engineering conditions such as poor ground conditions that are not favourable to development, along with limited infrastructure services available. BP engaged Veros as Development Managers to navigate the consenting pathway and engineering conditions to ensure a feasible and successful outcome is obtained.


Vero’s have negotiated the land acquisition and on behalf of BP have gained control of the site, working with the various consultants, have obtained financially acceptable solutions to the various engineering constraints of the site. The consenting process and consultation with affected parties is currently in progress.