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Project overview

Horowhenua District Council is a Territorial Authority has come up under substantial housing pressure which has been fuelled by supply constraints and affordability issues in Greater Wellington. To help manage and plan for growth, Council requested Veros undertake a housing capacity assessment to understand how much housing supply the district has in various scenarios.

Veros worked closely with the Council team to set up the parameters of the assessment and interrogated and assessed every residentially zoned property in the main urban areas of the district. This included undertaking plan-enable capacity assessments by manipulating the data against current and proposed district plan provisions. Veros also undertook feasible assessments by testing real development scenarios in strategically selected parts of the district.

The raw GIS data was interrogated further, and Horowhenua specific development assumptions were adopted to estimate the number of new residential lots which are reasonably expected to be realised. The results were tested against current development statistics and data.

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The Rotorua Lakefront Redevelopment is envisaged as comprising a high-quality mix of commercial development and public amenity. Veros are facilitating the positive development of the Rotorua lakefront by delivering an iconic project which will meet community expectations, council needs, and iwi aspirations.

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Project outcomes

Using Council adopted population projections, Veros was able to clearly demonstrate the District’s level of housing capacity and identify the approximate period of time in which will be under pressure.

The assessment concluded with five clear recommendations regarding what Council should do from a regulatory standpoint to ensure a balanced supply of residential land is provided in the district as well as actions to monitor changes in the future.

Housing Capacity Analysis

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