ICE Logistics and Convenience RetailAirport, Auckland

Project Details

  • Project Name: ICE Logistics and Convenience Retail
  • Client: Airport Trustees Limited
  • Location: Airport, Auckland
  • Building Size: 3,500m2 (industrial) + 1,750m2 (retail)
  • Project Budget: $3.6M
  • Key Tenants: ICE Logistics, Tavern and Various
  • Services Provided: Property Business Case
    Resource Consent
    Contractor Engagement
    Tenant Negotiation


ICE Logistics were a growing logistics company originally from Christchurch in need of a high profile Auckland headquarters. Our client, Air Trustees Limited, had a suitable site, but it was of a scale that required more coverage than the 3,500m2 ICE Logistics size requirements. We were asked to consider other high yielding activities that could co-locate on the site with ICE Logistics without conflict of use.


We commissioned a catchment analysis and completed a demand assessment to consider retail activities. We concluded food/convenience retail could be justified along with a tavern.

The layout of the site became increasingly important, as there were conflicts between the industrial users of ICE Logistics and the general public entering the site for retail purposes.

Separate resource consent applications were prepared for ICE Logistics (permitted) and the retail and tavern activities (discretionary). The catchment analysis proved to form an important tool to prepare the application in that it was non-notified.


It was important to clearly communicate the benefits of the site to retail tenants, and a comprehensive information memorandum was prepared.  The marketing campaign proved to be very successful in an unproven market. The complex was 100% leased prior to the completion of the build project.