Kennedy DrivePutāruru

Project Details

  • Project Name: Kennedy Drive
  • Client: DPS Developments Limited
  • Location: Putāruru
  • Project Budget: $8M
  • Project Partners: Nicholson Surveying
    Freshwater Solutions
  • Services Provided: Development Management


Kennedy Drive is a new lifestyle residential subdivision of a 16ha site, divided into 76 lots (with an average site area of approximately 1,521m2).  The development provides for much needed urban growth within Putāruru town, aligning with South Waikato District Council’s strategic growth framework. Veros have worked alongside the client in both a Planning and Development Management capacity.

While currently zoned rural-residential the property is located immediately to the south of established residential properties, and adjoining Totara Park reserve and sports fields and the Putāruru golf course.  Ultimately the development promotes the efficient use of land, with much needed residential development, new walkways and public connections in proximity to existing services and the town centre.


The client has benefitted from the technical expertise of the Veros Development Management team and this has ensured the best utilisation of the land, with a feasible and sustainable layout and design of upmarket lifestyle residential lots.

While identified in Council’s strategic framework as an area for future urban growth, Kennedy Drive is zoned rural residential and not serviced.  This development advanced Council’s plan changes and infrastructure implementation with design and project development solutions. This project will positively impact the local area in the following ways:

  • High quality lifestyle development, providing alternative typologies to Putāruru township
  • Connections through the site
  •  Low impact stormwater design
  • Designed to leverage off the natural landform and high-quality adjoining amenities
  • Landform retention through minimal earthworks
  • Enhancement of existing waterways and the creation of spaces where water can flow.


This project will deliver a high-quality lifestyle development, providing alternative typologies to Putāruru township, and opportunities for economic growth.

We are proud to be part of a project that supports urban growth in a provincial community. Working on this project has strengthened our ongoing relationship with Council and allowed us to provide technical solutions towards positive community outcomes.