Longview, Hāwera74 Turuturu Road, Hāwera, South Taranaki

Project Details

  • Project Name: Longview, Hāwera
  • Client: Panda Developments Limited
  • Location: 74 Turuturu Road, Hāwera
  • Region: South Taranaki
  • Type: Residential Subdivision
  • Completed: July 2020 - present
  • Project Budget: On completion
  • Services Provided: Development Management


Longview, Hāwera is the largest master-planned residential development in South Taranaki for over 50 years. On completion the 20-hectare development of Longview will comprise:

  • A comprehensive residential development, with a range of lot sizes and residential typologies.
  • A total of 250 residential lots.
  • A new local reserve providing amenity to the local neighbourhood.
  • Wetlands and walking tracks.
  • Staged delivery providing sections to market over a 5 to 7 year period.

Since 2017, the owners of the land at 74 Turuturu Road have been investigating industrial or residential development opportunities for the property. The land had been planned and zoned for industrial use for over 10 years, Veros identified that this zone and use are not well suited to the site, and in fact, residential development was most appropriate.

Following a recent Council investment to support industrial growth off State Highway 3, near Fitzgerald and Kerry Lanes, the landowners made the decision to progress in the logical and best-suited land use for the Turuturu Road land, being residential. Since July 2020, Veros has been working on behalf of the landowners to determine whether the development of the land for residential purposes, is realistic and viable.

Working with an excellent design team, Veros has managed a true greenfield development from a blank canvas, to be an industry-leading and best practice master-planned community. Upon completion, Longview will inject over $20m of investment into the local community in development, earthworks and civil costs. When fully complete and built upon, the end value of the project is $130m generating in excess of $500,000 in rates per annum.

Zoned and serviced residential land in Hāwera is limited, insufficient to support a sustained but rapid increase in demand for new land and housing. We understand Council is in the early stages of structure planning for residential growth, building a picture around the options and associated costs to unlock more land for housing. Being equidistant from the larger New Plymouth and Whanganui markets, Longview is of a scale that will attract a new buyer to Hāwera, one that may have previously chosen to live in the main centres or commute to Hāwera for work.

The client is community-minded, and passionate about delivering jobs, economic growth and opportunity, and an enduring and quality project for the next generation of the Hāwera community. Veros have supported our client in the proofing of the project, bringing it together in a viable and best practice manner, and making the project real.

Longview will provide quality housing in a new community to attract and retain people in South Taranaki, in what is a thriving provincial centre in NZ.

Visit Longview’s website for more information.