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Rotorua Regional Airport


Te Ngae Road, Ōwhata, Rotorua

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Project overview

Rotorua Regional Airport contacted Veros with a problem. Their substantial land assets were underperforming, and they needed to understand how they could be better utilised. The airport also needed a vision document and master plan that could be used internally and externally to guide the development of the airport of the next 10 years.

Veros undertook a robust property business case which understood all the technical opportunities and constraints relating to the land and how it could be developed whilst maintain its key aviation uses and requirements. This included WSP undertaking planning reviews, infrastructure capacity assessments, traffic analysis, as well as geotechnical advice. The report also included a comprehensive market analysis of potential uses and examined different lease structures. Once the most optimal uses were identified, concept development plans were developed, and preliminary feasibilities undertaken to understand the viability of various uses in four different precincts on the site.

The property business case was then translated into the Rotorua Regional Airport Master Plan which outlines the vision for the Airport as well as key guiding principles informing its growth and development overtime. The master plan sets out the way the airport plans to develop ensuring both current requirements, and potential future needs are accounted for. It provides a long-term land use and infrastructure planning framework for the delivery of the Airport’s strategic objectives.

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Julie Price

Senior Project Manager


Project outcomes

Both the property business case and master plan have become invaluable strategic documents for the airport informing large investment decisions and the future of the airport.

Veros continues to regularly provide property and development advice for the airport.

Rotorua Regional Aiport

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