Sport WaikatoHamilton

Project Details

  • Project Name: Sport Waikato
  • Client: Sport Waikato
  • Location: Hamilton
  • Completed: Dec 2018
  • Services Provided: Property Advisory

Project Brief

Veros were engaged to undertake a business case that assessed the future office requirements of Sport Waikato as their existing premises is no longer considered to be fit for purpose. Other aspects considered within this assessment is the future location of Sport Waikato and the requirement/necessity to provide space for other sporting organisations.
Subsequent to the site identification, Veros were also engaged to undertake due diligence on the preferred option identified in the first stage.


Sport Waikato had a desire to reconfigure/relocate their premises to be fit for purpose, with offices that provide a more collaborative environment, enhancing staff performance whilst reducing footprint and costs.

The first stage of the project assessed their existing premises through engagement with staff as well as space utilisation surveys which determined how the existing space is used. As a result, the majority of work stations were occupied less than 50% of the time. This confirmed the theory that the current office layout was inefficient where changes to how their space is used would significantly reduce the required footprint whilst providing more collaborative working spaces.

Veros also identified in excess of 10 options within Hamilton as well as Cambridge that may be suitable, with a focus on properties owned by local authorities and other potential strategic property owners where a more favourable agreement may be achievable. These options were reduced to three preferred options through analysing each option and ranking them through suitability.

Veros have delivered a Business Case report that includes recommendations on their required footprint as well as a preferred location for their future office requirements.


Veros added significant value throughout both of the stages, providing Sport Waikato with a comprehensive overview of their options within the local market and clearly mapping the next steps to achieve their desired outcome.