St John’s Church

Church Renewal, Rotorua


Rotorua District Presbyterian Church




2020 - 2022

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Project overview

The original St John’s Church was destroyed in a fire in 2017. This project aimed to build a new church on the original site to serve as a place of worship and an important hub and facility for the Rotorua community.

Our Project Management team was engaged by the church committee to help transform its vision for the church and bring the vision to life. We were responsible for project design review, procuring contractors, and managing the construction of the new church.

The new church consists of an auditorium, office, kitchen, bathrooms, and multipurpose function rooms. The building has been designed to maximise community interaction, and acoustics have been incorporated into the design to allow for use as an events and performance space. The church features a central hub with a kitchen that opens into the rest of the building, including offices and smaller rooms for church and community use.

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Being part of a project of this nature has been extremely rewarding. It's been a pleasure to help deliver a brand new, state-of-the-art church for the local community.

Guy Brown

Project Manager

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Project outcomes

We undertook a full budget review and project analysis to determine the replacement value of the project. This review enabled the insurance company and church to arrive at an adequate settlement figure for the rebuild.

Throughout the design review process, we identified gaps in the consultant reports and project design prior to construction. This enabled the design team to address and close out these items without detriment to the build. We achieved this by:

  • Reviewing general design details and coordinating design disciplines.
  • Highlighting risks or considerations related to the design or proposed project.
  • Providing a checklist for the architect and client to respond to notes and assumptions of the design review.

We also delivered additional value during the tender analysis, where we tested the market and achieved a competitive lump sum price for the project. At the forefront of every project is clear communication: keeping the client informed the whole way through the process to ensure there are no surprises. We worked collaboratively with the main contractor to ensure any issues were solved in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

Rotorua District Presbyterian Church now has a brand-new place of worship. This church rebuild represents a significant investment for the congregation and stands as an investment in the wider Rotorua community.

St John's Church

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