Tauranga City Council Residential Capacity StudyTauranga

Project Details

  • Project Name: Tauranga City Council Residential Capacity Study
  • Client: Tauranga City Council
  • Location: Tauranga
  • Completed: May 2019
  • Services Provided: Property Advisory
    Strategic Planning

Project Brief

Veros were engaged to undertake the Tauranga City Council Residential Capacity Study – an independent review of remaining current and projected residential capacity in the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region. We then presented these findings to Tauranga City Council’s Urban Form and Transport Development Committee.


In the face of land supply and development constraints, the SmartGrowth partner councils Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council were concerned that significant supply shortage would emerge, despite endeavouring to progress growth projects (infrastructure and plan changes).

With experience across all sectors of property, our Property Advisory team well qualified to:

  • Assess development potential on a property by property basis
  • Analyse consent statistics and typography
  • Engage directly with landowners/developers in order to complete a status review of the development capacity within the Tauranga and Western Bay sub-region

Findings estimated that in the short-term (1-3 year period) there will be an undersupply of nearly 1,000 new dwellings and this will worsen in the medium term before a new supply of residential land is zoned and enabled.

Understanding the feasibility of residential development was critical to informing the realisable land supply capacity available in the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region, and what can be done about the significant supply shortage.


An independent and impartial review across the sub-region provided the council comfort in their decision making to urgently address projected residential land and development shortfalls. This enabled large-scale new residential development capacity in the city and broader Western Bay sub-region.

The findings of the Tauranga City Council Residential Capacity Study were also used to support the council’s discussions with Minister Twyford who oversees the housing & urban development and transport portfolios, as well as officials from the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development and NZTA. This enabled a cross-agency collective government approach to fast-tracking both greenfields and infill urban development in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.