Tauranga City Council – Strategic Land ReviewTauranga City Centre

Project Details

  • Project Name: Tauranga City Council – Strategic Land Review
  • Client: Tauranga City Council
  • Location: Tauranga City Centre
  • Building Size: 11 strategic CBD property holdings
    134,000 people in a growing city
  • Completed: 2015


Tauranga City Council engaged Veros to assist them in understanding the potential of leveraging their CBD land holdings to catalyse change and the revitalisation in the city centre.


Veros undertook a strategic land review of all Council owned land holding in the Tauranga city centre, understanding their strategic purpose, current commitments and their statutory constraints. Commonly the land holdings were underutilised, providing Council with high management costs and poor yields, with limited strategic objectives being met.

Working with Council to understand their aspirations, Veros provided a range of short, medium and long term development strategies to add value to the land holdings, divest or partner on the land where appropriate, and to generally increase the performance of the land holdings in contributing to the revitalisation of the city centre.


The outcome of the strategic property review by Veros was that Council had a much better understanding of their land holdings, and how to use these to leverage change and growth in the city centre.