The Orchard

Ohauiti, Tauranga


Felton Developments Ltd


Ohauiti, Tauranga

Project Size:

50 lots plus open space

Project Services:

Development Management

Project overview

The Orchard is a 50-lot new residential community in Tauranga’s rural hinterland. Initially presented as a kiwifruit orchard in a prime urban location, Veros has undertaken full development of the land to create 50 new residential lots. This subdivision has an almost rural feel to it yet is only twelve minutes from the CBD, located in Ohauiti – Ruba Way (off McFetridge Lane). The site offers views of the harbour and Kaimai ranges.

The work of our Development Management team included:

  • Development of a business case and due diligence
  • Presale – securing the commitment of group builders
  • Design Management – the development of controls and design covenants
  • Consent – overseeing Resource consents, Subdivision Consent, Land Use Consents, Earthworks Consents, and Discharge Consents
  • Civil construction – managing the construction across the stages
julie services

The Rotorua Lakefront Redevelopment is envisaged as comprising a high-quality mix of commercial development and public amenity. Veros are facilitating the positive development of the Rotorua lakefront by delivering an iconic project which will meet community expectations, council needs, and iwi aspirations.

Julie Price

Senior Project Manager

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Project outcomes

Navigating a range of issues including transport upgrades, and infrastructure partnerships, our Development Management have delivered The Orchard from concept to completion.

The project provides new housing stock at an affordable level in a tight Tauranga market, as well as providing more premium reserve fronting land with an outlook. The project has been successfully delivered in conjunction with strong partnerships with Group Builders, a strong marketing campaign, and a de-risked staging strategy.

The Orchard

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