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64 Shortcut Road, Cromwell



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Project overview

In 2019, Veros helped facilitate the creation of the Wooing Tree Development Partnership, a joint venture between the existing vineyard owners and a Tauranga-based investment company. We have since been appointed Development Managers for the partnership and are leading the delivery of this exciting, multifaceted development through consenting, detailed design, and procurement phases, including marketing and pre-sales.

Wooing Tree Estate is a joint residential and commercial development adjacent to the iconic Wooing Tree Vineyard in Cromwell. The intent is to keep a substantial fringe of vines that wraps around the entire south and west borders of the site, cloaking it in a soft green shroud to create a point of difference.

Producing a unique market offering, pre-sales have performed well during changing economic conditions. Construction of Stages 2 and 3 is currently taking place with the first residents moved into their homes during Stage 1 in early 2022.

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We’re also aligning our plans with Central Otago District Council’s spatial master plan for Cromwell. The master plan encourages residential development within walking distance of the Cromwell Mall and an increased focus on quality design of diverse integrated housing development.

Sean Haynes

Senior Development Manager

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Project outcomes

Veros has challenged the existing consenting framework, reshaping the design and layout, and lifting density. A master plan consent has been approved under the Covid-19 Recovery Act, and Wooing Tree Estate has become the third referred project to be approved by an expert consent panel appointed by the EPA under the new legislation.

Stage 2 is fully sold out and now under construction, with titles forecast for issue in late 2022. Stage 3 presales have maintained strong momentum with a mix of market and group builder purchasers.

We are excited to be managing this development to deliver a quality master-planned community. Our Development Management team are also working on the delivery of a new Cellar Door for Wooing Tree Winery, which will form part of the commercial precinct in the new neighbourhood.

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Wooing Tree Estate

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