Property Advisory

Tailored advice to solve problems

and unlock potential.

Set yourself up for success with our Property Advisory team. We provide you with commercially astute advice and direction, backed by our Development Management and Project Delivery team. We know how to make property projects happen.

We take the time to fully understand your needs, explore and assess options, and present them in a way that enables you to make the best possible decisions and deliver on your objectives.

From site identification and acquisition to comprehensive property business cases, our commercial property advisors tailor their advice to meet your needs across all property sectors.

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Property Advisory covers

Featured capabilities...

Site Identification & Tenancy Management

Need a property development partner who understands your business objectives and provides a hands-on, reliable service?

We’re experts in identifying and acquiring sites for clients as well as managing existing tenancy arrangements. Whether you have someone exiting an existing property, are looking for a new office or manufacturing headquarters, or need to secure land for a service station or retirement village, we can help. A dedicated team, a tailored service, and the property development support you need to make effective decisions.

Land Acquisition & Compensation

Veros is an accredited LINZ agent, providing specialist property negotiation, acquisition, and disposal services for Crown and local authorities, infrastructure, rural, commercial, and residential developments.

We partner with clients and provide straightforward guidance through procedures to ensure full and fair compensation. In many cases, our services to you may be cost-neutral. With robust processes in place, our experienced team and network of experts will take care of everything, representing your best interests so you can get back to business.

Investment and Property Acquisitions

Our expert team knows property inside and out. From idea generation through to project completion, our experience, customised service, and proactive nature assure we’ll find opportunities to match your objectives.

Gain a comprehensive, sound property investment strategy that weighs up the pitfalls, mitigates the risks, and draws you a clear pathway.

Put yourself at the forefront of property development.

We can efficiently and effectively guide you through the property market from conception to completion. Get in touch with us today to find out how.