21 September 2020, Veros

Q&A with Guy Brown

Guy Brown, Project Manager Veros

Guy Brown joined the team at Veros in March this year, since then he has been a key member of the Project Management team. We have now taken the time to sit down and catch up with Guy for some quickfire questions.

What’s your role at Veros? Guy: Project Manager.

A lot has changed in the world and construction industry since March 2020? Guy: Yes absolutely, at the start of March we were only starting to hear the stories of COVID-19 from around the world before it quickly escalated. I didn’t expect to spend 7 weeks working from home and working through the supply chain and construction challenges since then. The market has shifted and it has really emphasised the need for on the pulse and agile thinking for my role and throughout the industry. There is a quiet confidence in New Zealand at the moment with many projects continuing on course while making sure that the potential uncertainty and market risk from the global pandemic is front of mind.   

Where are you from? Guy: Originally from Surrey in the UK, I have lived in New Zealand for the past 8 years between Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. I relocated with my partner from Auckland to the beautiful Bay of Plenty at the start of the year.

What’s the best part of your job? Guy: No project or day is the same. Every project offers up different challenges which gives me the opportunity of applying my experience to new situations. I’m constantly presented with the opportunity to add value through what I know, but also the opportunity to learn and grow each day. It’s very rewarding working on projects that have a positive impact and/or cultural significance to the community – it’s all about the people and the place we are creating.

Guy Brown Project Manager Veros

Tell us about your background in the property industry? Guy: My career started in the UK back in 2006, working in the investment and sales of residential property, this is where I gained a solid grounding in property and a strong interest in the industry. In New Zealand, I’ve worked as a residential builder and commercial site manager getting hands-on experience of the workings of construction and the physical make up of different types of buildings. After graduating with a Bachelor of Construction, majoring in Property Development I followed a natural transition to Project Management where in my time in Auckland I was involved in the delivery of over $50m worth of multi-level residential and commercial developments in the Auckland CBD.

I’m really fortunate to have the opportunity of bringing my experience from London and Auckland, to support the delivery of complex and multi-level buildings in New Zealand’s flourishing regions. At Veros I am now part of our project management team, working across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Two projects I am working on at the moment are the brand new QE Health and Wellness Centre ($15m) and the Wai Ariki Spa development ($50m) both incorporating the use of Rotorua’s healing geothermal waters.

QE Health & Wellness Centre and Wai Ariki Spa in Rotorua (Renders)

Top Image: QE Health & Wellness Centre Bottom Image: Wai Ariki Spa

What’s the best experience of your career? Guy: Each project I have worked on is unique in its own right, there is nothing better than being part of a project from a concept to a success story. To help our clients successfully deliver on their ambitions is hugely rewarding as are the relationships with the team you form along the way. I am a big believer in leading high performing project teams that are all working towards a common goal of ‘best for project’. Working as a Project Manager for a significant residential accommodation project in the Auckland CBD stands out as a key moment for me so far in my career. The role was diverse, working across development management, design management, project management, site management and construction.

What makes Veros Project Management stand out from other project management companies? Guy: Veros is not your ‘run of the mill’ project management company of which there are plenty out there. All facets of property are covered here, I’m not pigeonholed into just project management, but rub shoulders with and draw on experience from our property advisory and development management team on different projects. I feel privileged that I get to work with an experienced team every day – a melting pot of knowledge under one roof. Veros adds huge value for the client and ultimately benefits the project giving it the best chance to succeed. 

How do you start the day? Guy: If the surfs up, I am out there, if not a coffee will suffice. I’m an early starter so I’m beating the traffic and getting on top of things early.

What does a typical day look like? Guy: No day is the same, but you’ll find me in the office first thing, checking emails and planning my deliverables for the day. I spend a lot of time meeting with contractors, consultants and clients in the office or on-site – communication is key – ensuring projects are on track.

What are you famous for? Guy: A supposed likeness to a young Hugh Grant which gets a good laugh in the office. Otherwise, it would be my love of surfing.

Guy Brown Q&A

First image: Project Manager “Guy Grant” Second image: Guy out on the water

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