Veros is passionate about innovation and sustainability in the property and construction industry and last week, our team had the opportunity to tour Red Stag Timber’s new Cross Laminated Timber and Glulam factory in Rotorua.

For the tour our team were lucky enough to be guided around the facility by Red Stag Timber’s Managing Director, Jason Cordes. Jason’s passion for his work was clear throughout, sharing his knowledge and discussing the opportunities and benefits of building in wood, CLT, and glulam. There is no doubt this new facility will positively impact the construction industry and accelerate the use of locally sourced and manufactured wood products across all sectors.

As industry leaders, we focus on the built environment and the delivery of sustainable property solutions for our clients, and part of this approach is to consider opportunities to incorporate viable, sustainable, and innovative features for all projects. The building and operation at Red Stag Timber were very impressive, and it was extremely valuable for our team to learn more about how they operate in the New Zealand construction market.

The company’s motto is “wood is best” – nature’s building material, and they believe that combining the natural strength with modern durability, wood provides architects, builders, and home-owners with a construction material that is best suited to New Zealand’s environment.

It is great to see Red Stag Timber make this investment in order to scale up their operation, enabling them to provide a local and sustainably sourced product, that is effective in construction and has potential for greater use and growth in NZ. Their efforts have resulted in blockages for CLT and Glulam through the design, consenting, and construction pathways to be resolved and made easier.

We look forward to seeing the wider use of wood products in vertical construction projects across NZ.

Our Project Management team is pleased to support Red Stag Timber in delivering their new 2,500m2 timber treatment facility in Rotorua. It’s great to have a long-term working relationship with this industry-leading company.

About Red Stag Timber

Red Stag Timber is an independent, privately owned timber company, based in Rotorua. It is currently New Zealand’s largest sawmill, focussing on producing high-quality timber products for the residential construction markets in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Island.

Consisting of two sawmill lines, with associated timber processing operations for kiln drying, planning, treating and remanufacturing, Red Stag Timber currently produces over 450,000m³ of Radiata Pine and Douglas-fir lumber per annum.

Red Stag Timber has a long-term commitment to further developing its product range and market base. Its particular focus is on structural lumber products, but it also produces landscaping, industrial, appearance, and furniture lumber grades. These products are sold in New Zealand and exported to Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

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