6 October 2021, Veros

Rotorua’s Multimillion-Dollar Spa Project Underway

The construction of the multimillion-dollar luxury spa and wellness centre, Wai Ariki Spa,  on Rotorua’s lakefront is a major step towards re-establishing the city as the spa capital of the Southern Hemisphere. A building consent valued at $28m has been issued for the Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa on Whakaue Street. With the city’s vision founded on being the spa capital of the Southern Hemisphere, this milestone is a major step in the resumption of that journey.

Work on the spa project is well underway and the development of Rotorua’s iconic QE Health & Wellness Centre, also on the lakefront, is about to start. Our Project Management team are proud to be part of both of these projects, which will both provide a significant boost to the local economy, with more than 230 design and construction jobs generated from that site alone.

Wai Ariki Spa is scheduled to open in the second half of next year and will generate a significant number of jobs for the community, also helping the tourism and hospitality sectors to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Full story here.

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