Development Management

Streamlining the Development Management process

There are many and complex decisions to be made with property development. With Veros at your side, we can help you achieve your objectives and make the right decisions. We have extensive experience across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and project delivery. Our Development Management team understand the whole process from conception to completion, and because we do, we identify clear pathways to the end goal faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Through better knowledge, experience and systems we’ll guide your project to save you time and money in the development process.

Our extensive range of development management services that can maximise your returns include:

  • Project Conception and Strategy
  • Master Planning & Option Studies
  • Highest & Best Use Assessments
  • Development Feasibility
  • Planning Strategy
  • Demand Analysis & Revenue Scoping
  • Resource Consent Management
  • Design Coordination
  • Development Team Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Resource Consent & Plan Change Management
  • Bank Funding Negotiations
  • Contract Procurement Negotiation
  • Client Representation
  • Pre-leasing and pre-sales
  • Programme Coordination & Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Tenancy and Leasing Strategy
  • Property Disposal or Exit

At Veros you can be confident of the right advice, in the right hands, ensuring the best outcomes.

Project Creation & Development Structuring

Experts at every step of the development process

We know development projects from concept to completion and our experienced team has a proven track record in identifying, acquiring, structuring development partnerships, securing development finance, and then delivering projects. With systems and processes that are solid and transparent, we create projects, connect the project with investors and capital funders, and oversee every aspect of the project development and construction. Veros has relationships with and access to private equity funding as well as a variety of bank and finance lenders. Whether we are supporting or leading the structuring, we approach each project opportunity with a different perspective, to ensure that the finance, risk and delivery approach suits the client or investor behind the project.

Our turnkey development management service includes:

  • Project identification and acquisition
  • Development partnership structuring
  • Joint venture structuring
  • Securing development finance
  • Development agreements
  • Financial modelling and management

Our senior team are hands-on, their experience will ensure that projects are delivered successfully.

We look forward to talking with you.

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