Site Identification and Tenancy Management

Finding the optimal location for your business

Getting to know and understand your business needs comes first when identifying the optimal new location or workplace for your business. How you work, how you want to work and how we can make the transition to your new location smoothly, with minimal stress and loss of productivity, are key deliverables of our service.

Our comprehensive range of tasks Veros can support your business with includes:

  • Client Objective Setting
  • Space Planning and Occupancy Ratios
  • Financial Planning and Space Budget
  • Outline Specification
  • Building Performance Specification
  • Develop Workplace Fitout/Brief
  • Procurement Strategy and Marketing
  • Analysis of Suitable Options Through Weighted Attribute Analysis
  • Market Engagement for Opportunities
  • Identification and Short Listing Opportunities
  • Negotiate Exit from Existing Lease
  • Concept Design and Space Layouts
  • Design, Specification & Service Performance, Landlord / Tenant Works
  • Understand Changing Needs and Futureproofing
  • Detailed Attribute Analysis
  • Exclusivity Agreement Coordination & Negotiate Terms

We’ll optimise every step of the process to provide you with the best possible results.

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