8 July 2020, Veros

Site Blessing at Latitude Residences

The blessing from Tamati of Ngāi Tamarāwaho at the Latitude Residences this morning completes the involvement of our team in the development after several years of hard work. We gathered this morning to bless the site and celebrate the project, bringing together those who have contributed to its success.

Senior Development Manager, Craig McCormick says, “this is a collaboration we are all proud to be a part of – for the project team and the investors behind it, to be able to deliver a project of this stature for Tauranga.”

Hereford Kitchen put on a delicious spread, the perfect accompaniment to the coffee that warmed up attendees on this chilly winter morning. Owner of Hereford Kitchen and Oscar & Otto restaurant and café, Hamish Carter shared his excitement of the imminent arrival of the Latitude residents, a minute’s stroll from his business on The Strand. “This is just what downtown needs. It will be great to have more people living in the CBD. It will give more life and energy to the downtown area – and help get the tills ringing in cafes and shops around the city.”

Set in the heart of Tauranga’s historic precinct, the development spans across six levels with 28 luxury apartments. This $35M development has been completed on time and on budget, with 27 out of 28 apartments sold. The first apartment building to be built in Tauranga in over 10 years, meeting the demand for high-quality apartments building in the CBD, a reflection of how Tauranga is maturing as a city.

Shareholder and Developer Shannon Moyle says, “the project is a credit to the delivery team, FORM and VEROS and all those that contributed to the process” and that “we wish our purchasers all the best with their new apartments.”

Special guest, Mayor Tenby Powell, attended the celebration this morning, cutting the ribbon alongside Moyle. The Mayor echoed the positive impact of the project on the local area: “the scale and quality of this development is exactly what Tauranga deserves and it was a pleasure to formally open Latitude Apartments this morning. We need to encourage and enable more such developments in downtown Tauranga to enable people to live in what will become one of New Zealand’s most desirable suburb.”

The Latitude Residences is an excellent outcome for all involved that supports a more compact city and provides alternative housing options.

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