26 March 2021, Veros

Tayler Matthews joins the team in Tauranga

Tayler Matthews

Tayler Matthews has joined the team in our Tauranga office this week! Fresh from Auckland, Tayler brings with her a strong background in Urban Design and Neighbourhood Regeneration, joining us in the role of Assistant Development Management and Property Advisor. We are really excited to have Tayler with us and caught up for a round of quickfire questions to learn more about her.

Welcome Tayler!

What inspired you to pursue a role in the property industry?

I have always loved the task of designing to enrich places and communities. My move to focus on Development Management means I’m a key driver in taking these ideas through the full process from concept to completion. When an idea becomes a physical reality it’s the best feeling to see people getting to use and enjoy the spaces we have created.

Favourite project you have worked on? Why?

In my previous role, I was involved in the Auckland Housing Project for Neighbourhood Regeneration. This was an extremely rewarding long-term project to be a part of, working in various places across the region. The purpose of the project was to revitalise and enhance existing neighbourhoods, which involved redeveloping existing state housing lots into higher density, better quality and well-designed social housing outcomes. A critical part of the project was improving and/or providing new amenities for the existing communities and future residents, with particular attention to safe streets for pedestrians and unique pocket parks/community spaces.

What does your standard day look like?

I like to exercise first thing in the morning to start the day. Once at work, I review my tasks and workload and begin to prioritise my time for the day ahead. Each day varies, I can be meeting with clients to understand their plans for new projects, providing input to team project meetings, or working on proposals –

After work, it’s an evening stroll with our new puppy Spencer. As we are new to the area this provides the perfect opportunity to explore the local neighbourhoods and parks. Then, if I’m not cooking dinner, I’m watching a cooking show.

Why Veros?

The breadth of background across the whole team here allows for real diversity and the chance to gain knowledge in all areas of the property industry. Veros have a reputation for exceeding client expectations whilst also striving to create great spaces for people to enjoy. I’m excited to be a part of a diverse range of projects across New Zealand. I’ve already started working on Wooing Tree Estate development in Cromwell and joined project meetings in the Waikato and in the Bay too.

Favourite place for a coffee catch-up?

I’m not a big coffee drinker – although I’ve been told that may change as there’s a strong coffee culture here at Veros! Being new to the area there’s still lots to explore, The General at the Mount is a sweet spot – dog friendly and delicious food – anywhere with good kai and I’m there.

Outside of work, what’s something you are passionate about?

At the moment, it would definitely be DIY and home improvements. Having just purchased our first home, any spare time is spent planning our dream changes for the future and getting stuck into making them happen.


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