16 October 2020, Veros

Te Papa Spatial Plan

te papa spatial plan

We have some significant housing and supply issues in Tauranga, both now and in the foreseeable future. As well as being mandated by Central Government under the UPS-UD, as a city, we urgently need to enable medium-density infill housing. The Te Papa Spatial Plan and Plan Change 26 are critical in enabling this.

te papa spatial plan

Information on growth from the Te Papa Spatial Plan – Tauranga City Council


Intensifying brownfields and established residential areas is challenging, however. It means a great deal of change to existing communities, more people, and impacts on everyday life such as on-street car parking congestion. To get quality housing delivered in the Te Papa peninsula, it needs commitment and investment from Council far beyond removing regulatory barriers. It needs investment in quality public spaces, in boardwalks and cycleways, in frequent and good quality public transport. It requires investment in community facilities such as libraries, community centres and pools. It needs infrastructure investment to practically enable more homes and more loading on the infrastructure network.

Only then will medium-density living in Tauranga become magnetic, where people are drawn to an affordable and quality lifestyle when compared to alternatives.

About the Plan

The spatial plan for the Te Papa peninsula sets the strategic direction for growth over the next 30 years.

It considers how the Council will address key challenges of population growth and housing choice, infrastructure pressure, transport options, cultural wellbeing and the local amenities needed to support our communities. It outlines the overall approach, priority areas of focus, anticipated benefits and required actions.

Learn more about the spatial plan and   here

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