14 May 2021, Veros

Team Veros at Waihi Nugget

Last Saturday was a bit different for the team at Veros as we gathered to compete in the Waihi Nugget, a multisport festival based in and around the township. This event was a perfect fit for our team who thrive on challenges, pushing our comfort zone, achieving great things as a team and having fun along the way (more info on the event here). The teams were originally registered for 2020 but with lockdown it was rolled over to 2021. This gave the teams plenty of prep time with weekly scheduled rides in the Redwoods and runs down at the Mount, the dedication that went into getting ready for this event has been amazing.

Veros Team Nugget

Road cyclists ready to go!


Our teams entered in the Full Nugget event, which consisted of a 31 km road cycle (split 23 km, 8 km), 10 km kayak, 10 km coastal trail run, 21 km mountain bike followed by a 400 m team run. We were absolutely thrilled with the high level of participation with 14 members of our team plus 2 special guests making up the four teams: Veros Vipers, Veros Voodoos, Veros Vice and Veros Victors.


Veros Team Nugget

The Veros Voodoos, after crossing the finish line together!


The Veros Voodoos, our all-female team, absolutely smashed it, coming 3rd in the women’s event. Shout out and big congrats to Adele for the fastest time in the women’s event for the 10 km kayak.


The Veros Victors taking on the 400 m team run to the finish line.


Our top team, the Veros Victors came 3rd in the male event and 5th in the Full Nugget Team event. Huge shout out to Scott Bicknell, for placing 3rd out of all participants in the team event for kayaking, and Stephen, for placing 3rd in the male event and 5th overall for the team event.


Veros Vipers, big smiles as they reach the finish line.


Veros Vice, taking on the challenge and enjoying the journey.


With various combinations of skill level throughout the teams, it was all about taking on the challenge and enjoying the day with your team away from the office.  A top effort by everyone who took part and a great day had by all! We are already hyped and planning the training schedule now that we have some benchmark stats to beat!

Based on times of participation, we will be making a donation to Starship, to help add a few more beds to the children’s intensive care unit, more info here.


Team Veros at Waihi Nugget

Gathered for a team photo after a well-deserved BBQ.


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