18 March 2020, Veros

Veros proud to be part of the NZ Government Marketplace.

Today the NZ Government, through MBIE, has launched the Collaborative Marketplace Agreement.

MBIE Marketplace - Veros Property Services Limited

Veros are proud to be part of the NZ Government MBIE Marketplace. Providing support to government agencies and local government across NZ in Property, Advisory, Strategy, Planning, Development Management & Project Management. Veros is thrilled to be part of the Marketplace, providing easy access for Government and Local Authorities across New Zealand to our experience and our our team. We are been accepted onto the Marketplace and pre-qualified to provide government services for:

  • Property Advisory & Strategy
  • Development Management
  • Project Management
  • RMA Planning & Planning Policy


The Marketplace is described as an unparalleled opportunity and a one-stop-shop for government to secure services for industry. Marketplace has been developed by Central Government to help improve procurement practices and drive consistency across government. The Marketplace is not just a pre-qualification panel, but puts private sector consultancy and service providers a supplier registration process, and outlines clear terms and conditions for participating through the Marketplace.

So if you’re a local or central government agency, or one of the 130 government agencies bound by Government Procurement Rules, or one of the 4,500 organisations across NZ who have them recommended as best practice – get in touch about your property, planning, strategy, projects, or delivery and see how we can help you.

Marketplace: https://portal.marketplace.govt.nz/home

Veros Property Services Limited

Leaders in Property


MBIE Marketplace

MBIE Marketplace


Contact: Project Management

Craig McMichael, Project Director



Contact: Property Advisory & Strategy

Morgan Jones, Managing Director



Contact: Development Management

Peter Williams, Director


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