20 August 2020, Veros

Watch the progress of QE Health & Wellness Centre

Example of live progress from QE Health and Wellness Centre

You can now follow the progress of the QE Health & Wellness Centre project, with this time-lapse camera capturing a new image every 10 minutes. This is a great tool of communication for everyone involved in the project and we are excited to be able to share it.

The new centre will maximise the ability of QE Health to deliver effective and efficient holistic multidisciplinary patient care pathways. Veros have responded to the needs of QE Health by managing the design process to:

  • Investigate and deliver on opportunities to provide overlapping amenities
  • Maximise the flexible use of space to increase efficiencies
  • Respond to the need to be accessible across different times and by different user groups by managing potential security and accessibility conflicts.
  • Meet client and the client’s customer needs for care and privacy
  • Future proof changes in service delivery, and
  • Design in opportunities for future expansion

The Centre will respond to local context and culture and will provide an inspiring and rejuvenating place for all users and the wider community.

Both the QE Health and Wai Ariki Spa and Hot Springs (part of the wider Health and Wellness precinct and also being managed by Veros) will employ over seventy staff each, providing a significant boost for employment and the local and regional economy. The two facilities will complement each other, offering different products for different demographics.

We are excited to be leading the delivery of the state of the art QE Health facility, delivering a project that achieves a great outcome for the Rotorua community in an otherwise trying time for New Zealand and the tourism sector.

Watch the live progress of the site as it happens and learn more about the project here.




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