1 May 2020, Veros

We’re doing this. We’re back on site.

From a quick look, it may seem like just another day on site. But this week has been significant in having the majority of our construction sites back in action with the move down to Alert Level 3. This is a huge step forward for our country, our economy and our communities after the unprecedented uncertainty that we all faced together just a short month ago.

Rototuna Town Centre site


Extra safety measures and physical distancing protocols have been put in place, and we are on track to deliver to our clients. We are getting used to the slower pace with the new measures in place but after a month of tools down we could not be happier that we are back underway with project partners and contractors @heb @formnz.

Form Premises, Totara Street


Pictured are projects in Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga that we are pleased to be delivering as the Project Managers or Development Managers for our clients.

Rotorua Lakefront Development


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