15 May 2020, Veros

Wooing Tree Estate – Stage One Release

Stages 1a and 1b are now available.

Offering exceptional sites in a prime location, Wooing Tree Estate is being developed alongside the iconic Wooing Tree Vineyard in Cromwell.  Our Senior Development Manager Sean Hayes says, “We believe strongly in the neighbourhood we are creating, it will be an invaluable part of the Cromwell community.”

Stage 1a and Stage 1b of Wooing Tree Estate comprises 26 lots, ranging from 500sqm–1000sqm. Priced from $295,000 to $595,000, three sections have already sold in two days. Stage 1 landowners will be able to start building in February 2021. The release of the first sections is the latest milestone for the project, which began in 2017 with a plan change to convert the land to a mixed-use residential area. Although some vines will be relocated to make way for the new development, the existing character of the land will be maintained. Stage 1 occupies the vacant part of the site, so no vines will need to be relocated at this stage.

With the move to get out of the big cities and head to a lifestyle destination, this new neighbourhood has attracted the interest of families from across the country as well as from expats and retirees. “The Wooing Tree Estate will be a great place to bring up kids, live and work from home remotely or retire in,” says Haynes. “This will be a special neighbourhood, surrounded by vines, green lanes and open space, and where the kids can walk to school. Where you can take a walk around the lake, go water skiing or fishing, climb a mountain, ride a mountain bike – then go out to one of a multitude of local restaurants or vineyards for dinner. It’s all right on your doorstep.”

Stages 1a and Stage 1b of Wooing Tree Estate comprise 25 lots, ranging from 500sqm–1000sqm. Learn more about Wooing Tree Estate here.


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