21 April 2021, Veros

Wooing Tree Estate’s First Stage Complete

Wooing Tree EstateOur Wooing Tree Estate team are celebrating today as Vintage Street at the development opens to the public. As Stage 1 is nearing completion the development team were given permission by the council to open Vintage Street ahead of titles to provide new access to the Cellar Door.

The success of this phase is a result of the combined effort of everyone involved, a team we are proud to be working with. We are thrilled with the workmanship of Benchmark throughout the construction phase and are appreciative of the great working relationship between Central Otago District Council, Paterson Pitts (engineers) and Benchmark.

The completion of this first stage marks an important milestone, as purchasers become one step closer to building their new homes, and bringing to life this new community we are helping to create.

Section sales continue to progress well and it is always exciting to see the continuous high level of enquiry flooding in, making it clear that the market believes in the development.

Construction of Stage 2 is programmed for July of this year, with titles expected mid-2022.

Wooing Tree Estate, a fresh new neighbourhood in the heart and centre of Cromwell. A subdivision unlike any other on the current market. Offering exceptional sites in a prime location, the Wooing Tree Estate is being developed alongside the iconic Wooing Tree Vineyard from which it draws its name, with vineyard owners Steve and Thea Farquharson making the decision to take their award-winning winery in a new direction.


Wooing Tree Estate

To find out more visit the development website.

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