Strategic Advisory

Providing simple pathways

through complex issues.

Our Strategic Advisory team specialises in supporting local government, central government, and organisations with complex problems, project structuring, and decision making.

We prepare strategies, feasibility studies, issues and options reports, project and programme plans, policies, community, and stakeholder management plans, and we sit beside you to deliver them.

Our experienced team works with you to deliver key projects, enhancing your community’s social, cultural, economic, and environmental wellbeing, and creating great places to live, work and play.

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Strategic Advisory covers

Featured capability…

We bring a global perspective to solving local problems. Our team has experience with the private sector, trusts, central, state, and local governments across New Zealand, Australia, the US, and the UK. Our innovative team uses a broad range of strategic, analytical, communication, and engagement skills to apply the right methodology and resources to bring your vision to life.

We have developed strong working relationships with some of New Zealand’s best designers, economists, planners, engineers and infrastructure planners to ensure a thorough end-to-end service. We provide a seamless fit with your organisation, and are able to work in a complex decision making environment.

Under our Strategic Advisory umbrella, we can work with you in the following ways:

  • Supporting Local Government decision-making and policy development. Our recent projects include community centres, housing, infrastructure, city centres, skateparks, managing funding applications (CIP, IAF), safety and transitional housing.
  • Working in-house with your experts to ensure your process is robust and inclusive, your evidence is sound, and you can confidently present information to decision-makers.
  • Urban regeneration and master planning with wide-reaching investment, and economic and social implications.
  • Tourism and growth planning.

We consistently work with Veros because they are genuinely collaborative in their approach, and truly understand our local government operating environment. They do what they say they will, and genuinely seek to partner with us and become part of our team to help us deliver for our community.

Jean-Paul Gaston – Rotorua Lakes Council

Develop a strategic approach to future projects.

Veros leads the industry in strategic advisory. Ask us how we can help you, or see for yourself by viewing our latest projects.