Rototuna VillageHamilton

Project Details

  • Project Name: Rototuna Village
  • Client: Kirkdale Investments Ltd
  • Location: Hamilton
  • Completed: 2019/2020
  • Project Budget: $10M
  • Services Provided: Development Management & Lease Negotiation
    Project Management
    Asset Management

Project Brief

Initially, Veros were engaged to undertake Development Management services which included providing a feasibility study and managing the leasing/marketing campaign that formed part of the Rototuna Village development.

Veros provided the confidence to the client’s vision that the centre was a well-designed thriving hub, with high levels of amenities and quality standards while maintaining cost-effective development.

The role of the Rototuna Village is primarily to serve local needs. The scale of retail, office and other commercial developments will be controlled to ensure that the centre functions as a local focal point and to complement other larger centres.


The overall layout of the Rototuna Village has been designed to provide two-storey retail and office spaces that add to the overall vitality and vibrancy of the area.

Subsequent to final concept design, Veros were engaged to project manage the project by providing their services throughout different stages of the project life cycle; project programming, consultant team procurement, design management, cost management, risk management, contract management, contractor procurement and construction monitoring. This is currently ongoing.


Veros added significant value throughout different stages of the development, ensuring the lease agreements provided a beneficial result to the client, giving peace of mind that the design and overall project quality will be maintained. View proposed site map here