26 August 2020, Veros

“My Development” – Veros mentoring programme opens it’s door to the business community

My Development Veros Mentoring Programme Peter Williams

Great communities are built by great people working together. To strengthen our community, we need to support, grow and connect our people and our future leaders.

Conceptualised and brought to life by Veros founder and director, Peter Williams, My Development successfully connects staff at Veros with business mentors from the community – enabling confidential and transparent discussions with a focus on the personal development of the participant. And now, Peter is opening the door for other professionals from the community to join as participants.

“Our culture is something that simply cannot be replicated and that comes down to the people within our business, and we are determined to ensure we have good people who are motivated to grow and adapt in all areas of their lives,” says Peter.

The main objective of My Development is to connect and grow our future business leaders, so we can achieve great things together and make an impact that matters. My Development enables a confidential and transparent discussion from work and family balance to tough negotiation strategy, and anything in between.  The programme recognises that our community leaders have had similar challenges to realise their potential but have found their own winning strategy.  Each mentors’ story and advice will be unique and those in the programme have benefitted enormously from their experience and will continue to do so.

“It’s important that the nature of interactions and the structure of the programme stays casual, it’s an opportunity to grab a coffee and chat – share experience and build relationships in the community.”

Feedback from both participants and mentors has been overwhelmingly positive, with the exchange of useful advice and connections made and business relationships continue beyond the time frame of the programme.

“I was intrigued by Veros’ mentor initiative and it was a privilege to be selected as a mentor. My personal experience through the connection I made through the programme I felt was mutually beneficial, and I promote that collaboration for this type of initiative should be given scale on a city-wide perspective and the funding for this type of collaboration should be made available through our regional channels,” says Scott Adams, Managing Director of Carrus.

This is another reason to open My Development up to external participants.  “It’s all about sharing knowledge and experience from which we can grow,” says Peter.

“I have enjoyed sharing my life experiences from the public sector, private sector and personal challenges through the My Development programme. The open and honest conversations and learnings benefit both parties and are well worth the time invested,” says mentor Stuart Crosby. “Often the discussions revolve around the complexities around understanding people, relationships and the workplace. The shared experiences and built up knowledge will ultimately improve productivity and a more cohesive workplace.”

Veros Project Manager, Julie Price joined the programme when she started at the company last year, “my experience so far and what I have learned from my mentors has been extremely valuable. Their willingness to share their own experiences and knowledge are all qualities I have been able to reflect on and apply to my own work.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to learn from business people in the community that I otherwise may have not connected with.”

So, if you think grabbing a coffee and talking openly about growth, opportunity, and strategy with a respected local businessperson from our community would be beneficial to you, then get in touch with Peter Williams to get started.

peter@veros.co.nz or 027 4970 123

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