13 December 2019, Veros

Planting day at new community

The Veros team and our project partners at Sanctuary Point set about planting the first 300 of the 3,000 native plants and shrubs on the site yesterday.


The plants are predominantly along the riparian edges of the site where the land fronts pristine harbour edge and salt mash wetlands. As well as enriching the coastal habitat and providing a safe haven for wild life, the plants and shrubs will provide stabilisation and prevent erosion and scouring of the land.


Big thanks to the good guys from our arborist and tree suppliers Tree Wise Men and also project engineering and survey team Maven who lent their muscle to the job at hand.


Craig McCormick, Senior Development Manager for Sanctuary Point, was really pleased with the turnout and to start the planting programme.


“We are close to settling on titles for Stage 1, and will shortly have a number of new homes under construction from February 2020. To get these trees established and growing will be great for when the new residents of Sanctuary Point move in.”

“A lot of feedback we have had from buyers into the community is the importance to them of environment and sustainability . The proximity to the water and a quality planted edge to the water is one of the many ways of achieving this.”


Donning his gumboots, Veros Project Manager Graham Edward said “This has been awesome to be involved in. The drizzle hasn’t dampened anyone’s spirits and if anything it must be good for the plants. Improving our environment and waterways is really rewarding as this affects everyone in the community.”

 Planting day at new community  Planting day at new community  Planting day at new community  Planting day at new community  Planting day at new community

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