HEB Relocation






Project Size:

3,000 sqm



Project Services:

Site Identification
Due Diligence
Tenancy Co-ordination

Project overview

With its premises no longer fit for purpose, HEB was looking for a new site and engaged our team to ensure it would get the best deal in the right location.

We were provided with a design brief, which we took to market and received multiple responses during the tender stage. By implementing a thorough analysis, the Veros team identified a preferred option and worked to establish commercial terms. After entering into an agreement, we represented HEB throughout the first design stage to ensure the building would match HEB’s needs.

peter williams profile

Our team was able to take the worry away for the client and give them certainty that they would get the best deal in the best location.

Peter Williams

Project Director

heb one
heb two
heb three

Project outcomes

Our service to HEB was multifaceted. It involved negotiating commercial terms with a shortlist of parties, preparing a brief to ensure the landlord met the client’s needs, coordinating the lease to mitigate cost escalation and achieve the client’s desired objectives, and integrating HEB’s design and layout team’s process to find HEB’s new Tauranga premises.

The developer completed the building at the end of 2019 and HEB opened its doors. The success of this project once again proved the strength of our site identification process and the benefit it delivered to all involved parties.

HEB Relocation

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