Miro BerriesWhakatāne & Morrinsville

Project Details

  • Project Name: Miro Berries
  • Client: Miro Berries
  • Location: Whakatāne & Morrinsville
  • Type: Horticulture
  • Completed: October 2018 - June 2019
  • Project Budget: Meihana Koata c. $12m, Tupu Ake c. $1.1m, Mangaroa X c. $62,500
  • Key Veros Team Members: Craig McMichael
    Rebecca Perrett
    Morgan Jones
    Paul Spurdle
    Graham Edward
  • Services Provided: Project Management
    Development Management


Veros were engaged by Miro Berries to develop and implement a project plan to undertake their ambitious horticultural venture. For this venture, previously under-utilised, Maori land would be used to create a large profitable blueberry growing development. This would involve implementing a unique farming activity for numerous blueberry plants grown in pots on top of the ground. The rows of blueberry plants are housed within a series of above-ground tunnel structures.


For this project, we created a professional Project Plan and supported the client throughout its implementation to ensure the progression of this development and the commencement of operations. We implemented our Planning expertise to enable the unique farming activity with extensive areas of tunnel structures, which required resource consent and land use process.

Our team ensured:

  • Project plans and site development were designed with the ability to upscale, whilst staying within budget
  • Innovative project management and planning solutions were implemented to keep the project on track for delivery
  • Support to the client was constant in the high-level management of key subcontractors throughout the project
  • Clients awareness of the potential for future business growth and opportunity

Over the next 10 years, the developments are earmarked to scale up to support 100 skilled orchard managers and more than 5,000 workers for full-time, part-time and seasonal workers, mainly utilising local iwi were possible.


Our involvement in this project has resulted in the implementation of two key sites for our client and the development assessment of one other site. The biggest win for us was providing the support that enabled our client to develop this previously under-utilised land into a profitable development that will create a significant number of jobs into the peak season for the local hapu, creating growth and prosperity for local iwi.

In June 2020 it was announced that Miro Berries and the Meihana Koata Trust had been backed by Provincial Growth Investment for further development of the sites. Read more here